Weather in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is in northeast of Vietnam where has a tropical climate with two distinctive seasons clearly. Winter season is from November to April next year and summer season is from May to October. The average temperature is 23.7 oC and it ranges from 16.7 to 28.6oC. On summer season it is about 34.9oC and even 38oC. On winter season, the average temperature is 13.7oC and the coldest is 5oC so it is not an ideal for swimming in Halong Bay.

The annual recorded rainfall yearly is 1832mm and has no regularly distribution as two seasons. The summer is wet and hot. During summer season the rainfall is 80 – 85% of a year. There are heavy fog with low visibility and some violent tropical storms in summer months mainly June, July and August. The highest rainfall is on July and August with 350mm. The winter season is dry and cool with very little rain just comprises 15 – 20%. Especially it is very little rain on December and Jan, just 4 to 40 mm. Yearly air humidity is 84%, the highest month can reach 90% and lowest one is 68%.

Due to differences in terrain, the climate in the region varies. The border area of Mong Cai District is colder and rainy with the average temperature of around 22 degree Celsius and the rainfall reaches 2,751 mm. The most southern area in Yen Hung District is 24 degree Celsius average temperature and the rainfall 1,700 mm. Hoanh Bo and Ba Che district is the high mountainous area where has little rainfall. Binh Lieu District has the heavy rain of 2,400 mm and the winter lasts six months. The offshore island region is only 1,700 to 1,800 mm rainfall every year and the winter has thick mists.

You can visit Halong Bay all year round and the best time to visit Halong Bay is on Spring (March and April) and during winter season from October to April next year when the weather is cool, the rainfall and humidity is low. Each season in Halong Bay will be a different feeling and landscapes you can discover and unforgettable time.

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