Mangrove Forestation in Bai Tu Long Bay

Nowadays, tourism has brought great benefits to the economy as well as plays an important part to environment contribution. So you can easy to read somewhere the concept of Sustainable Tourism and development at local environment.

With your Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay on Dragon’s Pearl Junk, ecotourism program by our junk with the purpose of restoring an area of mangrove forest to reduce the effects of nature and human.  The project helps to create the living environment for diversity of marine resources at fishing villages around Halong Bay. The sustainable and ecological tourism is for a green Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and support local fisherman and people to have a better life in a friendly environment. So the awareness to local people to protect environment and develop tourism as sustainable is very important.

Travel with our junk to mangrove forestation you will have an opportunity to be responsible traveler by joining practical activities in growing mangrove trees. It is a very meaning action although it is a little bit hard and very funny; especially in your daily life it is very hard to do that. How happy you are when you return Halong Bay in the future and see that mangrove forest are covering and the shelter from waves, high tide with some diversity species developing and make the local land has an ecosystem wonderfully