Canh Huong Pagoda in Yen Duc Village

canh huong pagodaIn rural Vietnam, pagoda is a source of culture, sacred places of worship, as well as location of the cultural activities. Visiting the pagoda brings you the tranquility of mind and a better understanding of Vietnamese traditional culture.

“Canh Huong” means beauty spot pagoda. The pagoda offers the visitor a chance to escape the busy streets and sample the atmosphere of rural Vietnam.

This is an ancient pagoda which was built under Tran dynasty (XIII-XIV century). The pagoda bears legendary stories of Vietnamese King Tran Nhan Tong leaving the court to follow a religious life. During his Buddhist life, he built a lot of pagodas near around this area.

The pagoda has been destroyed and restored many times most substantially in 1664 a then again in the mid-19th century. However, these restorations retained the style of the original structure.

Located in the center of the village, Canh Huong pagoda is a sacred place that every local villager comes to pray for the good health, good weather and safety and bumper crops.