Just about 7km from Ninh Binh city, Trang An grottoes complex is 2000 hecta large covered by forest and hat tower spectacular with the height 200 meter, narrow hollow cascades, surrounded by interconnected mountain and rivers, swam through intermittent streams of up to 1 km in length.

Trang An

The harmony of limestone, river, forest and the sky in Trang An, it makes a lively natural world charmingly.

# The autumn in Trang An is deeply peaceful of green which is different from the summer by the gold color of ripe rice fields


Coming to Trang An, visitor experience the boat row along the rivers, passing through sparkling caves, listen to boat rower talk about life story in the boat landing and the history of Trang an mountain

Trang An grottoes complex

Sao Khe River is less tourist than in autumn other season, therefore, visitor can get the peaceful atmosphere once visiting here.

# Sitting on the boat, you can see the moss, even can see the bottom of river in some places because of very pure water


The autumn in Trang An

On October days, Sao Khe River is more beautiful than as well as more romantic than when the river covered by blooming Lily Flower “ Hoa Súng”

Booking Trang An Tours to discover and get deeply experience at this romantic place where is famous for scenes of King Kong Skull Island Film 2017

May on the highland of Yen Bai shows eyes the color of brown soil mixed with the blue sky and the shimmering surface of the sun in brilliant sunlight.

When coming back to the draining season, Mu Cang Chai put on his new colorful clothes is as charming as riping rice terrace fields on Septemer and October.

Draining season Mu Cang Chai beauties

Brown soil,  the color of the water and the sun, the color of the young rice, etc creates a beautiful picture of the terraced fields in the Khau Pha valley.

Due to lack of land for cultivation, H’Mong, Thai minority people in Mu Cang Chai to break the soil in the middle of the mountain to grow rice to create terraced fields. Mu Cang Chai terrace fields on draining season brings its unique picture as masterpieces. Mong hill tribe people use the first rain in summer and the sun is not sharp enough to lead water from the high mountains into the fields. At this time, terraced fields like wearing a new shirt, sparkling in beautiful colors. They also picked up water from streams through bamboo shoots into the filed for plowing. The water is filled up high and then down to the bottom of the field.

Draining season Mu Cang Chai beauties

Visitors to Mu Cang Chai travel on draining water seasons also have the opportunity to observe the hard working of the Mong people community. Early in the morning, when the fog left the plate, Mong people from all over the village carry the fists, their hooves, taking buffaloes to their paddies. When sunshine behind the mountain, they are in their bare feet exhilarated the buffalo to plow, layers of layers of dark brown rice terraces, shining water surfaces reflecting the blue sky.

Exciting new crop cultivation season, the dams people, the weeds, the weeds, the plowing of fertile soil, the rejuvenation of the irrigation system, the laughing voices, the jokes, the children’s jokes … and The Mong girls dressed in sloping dresses, like the spot color for the special color of Mu Cang Chai rice terraces.

They show solidarity by gathering a group of people who share the same culture from home to home.

Draining season Mu Cang Chai beauties

Draining water season at Mu Cang Chai is from May to June. You can come here by bus or motorbike from Ha Noi to Than Uyen of Lai Chau.

Lan Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha, Ba Nha bridge, Thai village in Mu Cang Chai district are the visitor can’t be ignored.

Come to see the beautiful Mu Cang Chai on draining season or riping season to feel the peace, fresh air in northwest Vietnam as well as discover the lifestyle, the daily life of people here.

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