A Valentine’s Day 2018 special sense with a dinner on the Halong Bay cruise. And you and your lover will enjoy a romantic dinner prepared by talented chefs on the magic of the Bay. Therefore, Halong Bay is an ideal place for Valentine’ Day 2018. Especial, this year, Lunar New Year in Vietnam coincides with Valentine’s Day, so please take the holiday time to Halong Bay to relax and rested.

Halong Bay is the romantic destination for Valentine’s Day 2018

February brings Valentine’s Day, the anticipated day of the year for couples. Therefore, if you’re looking where romance to go with your lover, consider a surprise Halong bay tours. It will be a romantic and an unforgettable Valentine’s surprise.

Halong Bay cruise

Choose a Halong Bay cruise by day or night are the special and romantic way to experience on Valentine’s Day. Because, Halong Bay, which is sunset photography spots in the world. Inside, Halong Bay had become a leading destination in South East Asia for the holiday because of its stunning scenery and atmosphere. And, Halong Bay not only famous magical beauty and peace but also has the great Halong Bay cruise deals on holidays and special occasions at the year.

Come to Halong Bay cruise on Valentine’s Day, you can opportunity to enjoy a special and homey party with an exclusive set menu for their head chef.

Dinner on Halong Bay cruise


Starlight cruise: FOC 1 glass of house wine per pax for bookings of the couple on this day.

Share the joy and catch the special moments with other travelers and the staff in the fun atmosphere on the water of Halong Bay. Additional, enjoy the beauty of the Bay at night with Halong Bay cruises.  Because the cruise offers the accordant itineraries with a great choice of menus, entertainment and time for all budgets.

Luxury cabin on Halong Bay cruise

Highlights of Halong Bay cruise:

  • Thousands of limestone islands in Halong Bay and enjoy your romantic cruising on Valentine’s Day.
  • Daily departure. You can be booking at this website.
  • Admire the beauty of sunrise and sunset on the Bay with your lover
  • Practice Tai Chi in the early morning and breathe fresh air.
  • Join a cooking class of Vietnamese traditional cuisine.
  • Luxurious cabins with large windows and private balcony for sightseeing, en-suite bathrooms

Book a Halong Bay tour for Valentine’s Day 2018here. Spend time with your lover while the staff of Halong Bay cruise makes all the arrangements to make sure your special night out is a romantic and memorable.

Halong Bay is choice of domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Come to Halong bay on each different time, travelers have different feeling and experiences. Choice Halong bay tours in April to feel the beauty of the Bay early summer. It is also the best time to travel to Halong bay without having any effect by climate or typhoon as in summer or winter.

Halong bay tours

Weather Halong bay in April


With average temperature 23oC, Halong bay is warm and pleasant. Travelers will enjoy days out discovering the Bay by kayaking, visiting floating village and swimming on the beach. During the month, travelers can experience temperatures high of up 27 oC and low of 21 oC.


The average monthly rainfall starts to rise to 57mm falling over an average of 13 days.

Sunshine hours

In April, the average of 8 hours of sunshine each day. Therefore, the rainfall not being as high and having a full day of sunshine, travelers can be exploring this popular holiday destination.

The warm temperature, long hours of sunshine, it’s the wonderful time to explore the untouched beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay, check this website.

The beauty of Halong Bay in April

Halong bay tours in April, travelers will see the clear sky, the island and the islets in the bay mix blue as the jade of the sea. Therefore, Halong Bay in April brings a healthy beauty and full of life, to make travelers comfortable and pleasant.

Halong bay | Halong bay tours

Come to Halong Bay in April, travelers should visit some places below, it will bring to wonderful experiences:

  • Tuan Chau island: It’s a place can’t ignore when coming to Halong. The dreaming and natural beauty of the luxury, modern system of the restaurant. In addition, hotels on the island for travelers feel exciting to surprise. Tuan Chau Island has the beautiful beach area and interesting amusement parks with unique games: dolphin circus, crocodile, water music, etc.
  • Titop island: Located in Halong Bay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, about 7 – 8 km from the Bai Chay Tourist Boat to the southeast. Titop island has a crescent-shaped sandy beach. Sand on the Titop island is white and smooth, the scenery so lyrical create special attractions for visitors to visit.
  • Halong Bay has many the beautiful scenery for travelers visit such as the limestone cave, Luon cave, Surprise cave, and many other beautiful islands on the route the cruise have a visiting or sailing through.

Activities on Halong Bay tour in April

Floating village Halong bay | Halong bay tours

  • All most Halong Bay Tours of the overnight cruise contain similar activities such as kayaking, swimming beach, visiting the cave,…
  • Halong bay tours at this time, travelers should spend more time to sunbathing. Sleep on the sundeck, enjoy a cocktail and admire the beauty of the Bay while the cruise slows down. That would be a great experience and forgettable.
  • The clear sky in April will bring to wonderful photography in the bay. And Halong bay tours will take you to visit the floating village to see the daily life of local people and children go to school.
  • With blue sandy beach with golden sunshine, this is the most suitable time for travelers to immerse themselves in the blue sea, swim in emerald sea water is the most interesting.

What to prepare for Halong bay tours in April

  • The weather in April is nice and comfortable, travelers should bring the hat, sun cream, sunglasses for outdoor activities.
  • Bring a light jacket for some cold days at night.
  • Don’t forget to bring a waterproof bag for phone or camera.

Plan and prepare for Halong bay tours in April with us. Make contact sales@originvietnam.com or hotline +84 129 909 8686 for advice.

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