Activities in Yen Duc Village

Activities in Yen Duc Village – Visiting to Yen Duc village, visitors not only admire the beauty and tranquility of a pure Vietnamese village but also have the opportunity to engage in daily agricultural activities, the true experience as locals such as planting trees, fertilizing, picking fruits, and fishing in village ponds… Through participating in daily activities of local people; visitor will absorb a deep understanding of cultural traditions for thousands of years in Vietnam. The experience would be unforgettable for your trip to Vietnam.

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Most of the local houses in the village have organic vegetable gardens, and fish ponds to provide healthy food. The pond is located in front of local house, next to garden creating typical natural scenery of village. It also becomes a local custom feature in village life. The pond is an important part of the house; it contributed to the lives of all the villagers who live on farming and gardening. Through these activities, the natural environment is being made healthier; it also creates the cultural lifestyle in the countryside lasting for centuries in Vietnam.

Visit to Yen Duc village, you will engage in agricultural activities, especially fishing activity gives you a unique experience. In the Yen Duc village trip, you will be guided to a local house with colorful garden and fish ponds where the rural people help you to use fishing-tackle, a common tool used to catch fish in the pond. The locals help you catch fish; it is not only an interesting activity but also chance to have better understanding of rural life. The fresh fishes you catch under hands of the chef will be very special dishes for your dinner. Thus, catching fishes will be a great fun and help you to understand typical local lifestyle.


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Besides the charming rice fields, the image of a vegetable garden sticks with Vietnamese villages. This is an important part of the house in the countryside, provide vegetables and improve living environment; creating open space for the house. In the garden, locals plant many kinds of vegetables, herbs … which is extremely close and practical for the daily life of local people such as:

Water spinach: A specific vegetable of Yen Duc village. Called by many names as water spinach, water Morning glory is often grown in the tropics and subtropics. Does anybody remember the spinach comes from; it is grown in water or in mud. People often fried with garlic. It is also indispensable dish in the meals of the people of Vietnam. So a sentence has:

“Home to his memory

Remembering, morning glory soup and sour egg-plants with soya sauce”

Gourd espalier: Its’ image sticked with the Vietnamese villages. Gourd is used in soup – is delicious and cool in summer. Gourd can be boiled, stir fried with shrimp or beef; cooked soup with shrimp, crab or mussels. All these simple went into the poetry and becoming a memory of all people:

“Shrimp cooked with gourd

The couples (the husband & the wife) give good compliment”

Moreover, in sense of Vietnam, gourd espalier is also a symbol of the faithful, happiness in each family.

Corn: Corn is one of the main crops of Vietnam. It is used for soup, sticky corn, pop-corn… or can be used in processing food for livestock and poultry.

Participating in Yen Duc village trip for 5, 5 hour tour, you will have experience with gardening activities in a local vegetable garden. Local people will explain to you about kind of plants in their garden and guide you to do gardening as a true farmer. Enjoy it and get your own experience in our village.


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“Coming out here, need I tell you who I am?” And just like that, Chu Teu, the host of water puppetry will take you on an exciting journey to explore Vietnamese’s rural folklore reenacted inside its own original ambiance. Chu Teu is no real person, the show’s stage is actually a pool and the theatre is open and set amidst Yen Duc Village’s rice fields that smell enchantingly in autumn.

Water puppetry is such a perfect representative of Vietnam’s rural life because it brings many beloved folk stories to life in an attractive and fun manner. Many generations of diligent farmers have embraced and refined the art so delicately that it was brought to theatrical stages to amaze curious tourists but, nothing can compare to the luxury of watching water puppetry performed in a true Northern Vietnam village.

Settled in Dong Trieu Town of Quang Ninh province, only two hours away from the pristine Ha Long Bay, Yen Duc village will not fail to stun you with its pure beauty and way of life that few Vietnamese rural villages are able to remain. Take a stroll around the village to admire the endless green rice fields where storks soar into the sky, lovely lotus lakes that sparkle at every dawn and slow down here or there to wave at diligent, gentle and optimistic residents. These hospitable farmers also would not hesitate to let you try living their daily work.

Such heaven of tranquility on earth serves as the best stage for an unforgettable water puppet show. Lively wooden figures picturing different individuals of a rural village such as farmers, fishermen, maidens, even fishes, ducks and dragons will appear from behind the curtain to tell history’s tales, folklore legends or any story close to people’s lives. The stage is a shallow pool whose back side is decorated as a typical temple entrance. Puppets move so smoothly on the water surface that no member of the audience can imagine some of them may weigh over 15 kg. When the show is about to conclude, admirable men and women will unveil themselves after hours soaking in cold water to dedicate to audience such incredible works of art. That in a theatre may have already impressed you, but only in the middle of flooded rice fields can the art reflect its original days whilst farmers transform themselves into mysterious performers behind the curtain and their daily workplace was turned into the most beautiful stage.

Just when tourists are guessing the tour is coming to a peaceful end, this terrific little wonder in Yen Duc village will bring the excitement back and create an epic finish that lasts in mind for long.